Second Look: Problem Chile Riddim

So in second look, I try to highlight riddims that maybe don’t have the current top dj names on their voicings, but the riddim track itself deserves a second look. In general these are riddims that have been presented with the version. Producers, we love when you include the version so please, especially if you’re proud of the work you do (or your ghost producers do) keep including those versions!

So it should be obvious but Problem Chile riddim has a killer sample. It sounds Asian, Indian, or Middle Eastern or wherever it’s from it’s expertly situated in this riddim. Big ups to whoever at Miss Wong’s Records found and arranged it so well, it’s catchy and a great hook. The verses are marked by a sultry wind instrument and some strings that carry the rhythm forward, keeping the vibe and making this an overall great riddim that deserves a second look.

PS I tried to get in touch with Miss Wong records, so if someone can give me a name for who produced this riddim, I will gladly revise this and give them credit.

Problem Chile Riddim

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